Pub Theology Saugatuck


Pub Theology Saugatuck
Conversation, faith, ethics and beer.

Wednesdays, 7pm
Saugatuck Brewing Company
2948 Blue Star Hwy
Douglas, MI 49408

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5 thoughts on “Pub Theology Saugatuck

      1. Absolutely. We’ve been meeting every week (or at least some of us have been)…tough for others during baseball season.

        We could rotate one of our weeks to meet up with you all or vice versa.


  1. Hope to see you all Thursday night! Don’t let the “Theology” part scare you away. It’s more a forum for open discussion. Here are a couple of questions from this week’s sheet:
    1. Why are there natural disasters?
    2. How do we have civil, even constructive discourse in an election year?
    3. How long do we have on this planet? What will the end look like?
    When/will God intervene?


  2. We are getting ready for another GREAT discussion on Thursday night @ 7 pm @ Saugatuck Brewing Company. There is plenty of room at the table! Make some new friends, talk about issues of faith and God, ask some hard questions, and enjoy a well-crafted brew. (non-alcoholic beverages available)
    All religions/perspectives welcome. Here are a couple of the questions:

    1. If the average human life span was 40 years,
    how would you live your life differently?

    2. In his book “The Irresistible Revolution” Shane Claiborn says, “When we look through the eyes of Jesus, we see new things in people…We can see our own brokenness, our own violence, our own ability to destroy, and we can see our own sacredness, our own capacity to love and forgive.” How would this change society of all were able to do this?

    3. What is the difference between being alive and truly living? How does your religious or philosophical perspective shape this?


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