Theology Pub Fullerton


Theology Pub is where inquiry and reflection cross with leisure and a good drink. More specifically, it is a discussion on matters of human interest with theological significance.

While you might not readily think friendship, food, work, sport, festivity, and the like, are fodder for theological discussion, they are. We crave these human ‘goods.’ We regard them as valuable, seeking to include them into the course of everyday life, and reorient our lives – oftentimes at the cost of inconvenience – to experience them. While these may seem unconnected from theology, they are not. And while theology may seem irrelevant and unhelpful with these ‘goods,’ it is not. In fact, our willingness to shape and reshape our lives around these goods, in order to experience meaning and fulfillment, indicates these are ripe for theological discussion.

At least this was the belief of many of the great ‘masters,’ those exceptional human beings of the past who explored the range of human experience to mine for riches that would imbue human flourishing. They saw the world charged with grandeur, and the ‘goods’ we all seek lined with sacred filament. For this reason, the exploration inevitably drew upon theology.

Thinking about God was closely tied with who we are and what we do. While we might begin with thinking about God in order to learn who we are and what we do, we can also begin with thinking about what we do and who we are in order to learn about God. Many of these masters were Christians who understood their faith in this way. Their insights are a welcomed boon in our own pursuit of a life well-lived.

At Theology Pub, we aim to follow in their steps and recover the connection between theology and life and explore the elements of human flourishing, in the hope that we might become skilled in living and fill our lives with meaning. These masters of the past will be a part of the discussion as we query ideas and practices for living wisely and well, and learn about God and ourselves in the process.

And a pub, with its warmth, friendliness, and cheer, seems a suitable place to talk about such things.

This is at least what we intend.

We meet on and off at The Pint House. Click here for the latest!

Facilitator: David Turner

The Pint House
136 W. Wilshire Ave, Fullerton, CA 92832


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