DC Theology Pub


Interested in casual, weekday evening conversations (and hearing interesting speakers) to explore questions and doubts related to Christian faith and finding meaning in life?

If yes, then grab a beer and join us! DC Theology Pub is an experimental conversation designed to foster fresh new perspectives on–and questions regarding–Christian spirituality in the 21st Century: it is part discussion group and part speaker series. Recently we have started to focus on book discussions on science and faith authors.  But we still have general interest theological speakers talk about their perspectives on life and faith.  We pick books and speakers who challenge us in one way or another.  The Pub is for people of faith and people who struggle with faith… It’s for people who are trying to figure out what life looks like at the intersection of spirituality, conversation, new ideas, science, justice, and the arts.

Speakers include NPR journalist Barbara Bradley Hagerty, a planetary geologist, bestselling author & justice activist Brian McLaren, and anti-nuclear activist Tyler Wigg-Stevenson of Two Futures Project.org.

There are no right answers at DC Theology Pub, just good questions and better conversations. All viewpoints and backgrounds respected!

DC Theology Pub is sponsored by Iona Conversations: a group of DC residents who want to foster great conversations on faith & doubt, and related topics in the District.  For a different mix of theological conversations and a spiritual practices group, check out the organizer’s other group, An Emerging Christianity Conversation in DC on meetup.

Join the conversation!

For the latest events find us on Meetup!


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