Happy Thanksgiving!

Guest post by Mark Sandlin.

Thanksgiving—it’s a day where we celebrate how a bunch of illegal immigrants invaded the native lands of an indigenous people and how those indigenous people ultimately met them with a kindness that they may not have deserved (sometimes known as grace). This Thanksgiving let’s be inspired to share that same kindness and grace with others.

Let us not forget the culture and nations of those gracious indigenous people were nearly completely removed by genocide as the U.S. began to establish itself. This Thanksgiving let’s be thoughtful, respectful and give some remembrance to their history, culture and relationship with the land the America founders took. (I give the tiniest amount of thanks that the racist named Washington NFL team doesn’t play today).

Let us also not forget the 50 million Americans who struggle to put food on the table. Please consider making a donation to help solve that problem. (you can donate here or here).

It is good to give thanks. I’d argue it is good for our souls and for our relationships, so let’s do it JOYFULLY! But let’s also do it with a larger concept of the realities of this holiday, and let’s do it with a renewed commitment to not repeat our abusive past and to make this a nation where more people have more reasons to be thankful.

Mark Sandlin writes for The Huffington Post, Sojourners and his own blog TheGodArticle.com


One thought on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. I like the name redskins and am offended by people who waste time being offended by such trivial stuff. My grammar school team was named the Indians. I consider it honoring native Americans. We wanted to have the courage and bravery they showed. Sadly they are now known as the bulldogs. I suppose some animal rights people will be offended by THAT! All this politically correct bull is accomplishing is dividing our country and creating problems that should not even exist! By the way, i have American Indian blood in my veins.


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