POLL: Pub Theology Conversation online

As part of creating space online for ongoing Pub Theology conversation, I’m considering a new Facebook group. This will be for pub theologians everywhere to gather at a virtual table, to discuss any number of topics. Vote on the Facebook page with your thoughts. If you think I should consider something other than Facebook, let me know that in the comments.

I’m in the process of creating a new Pub Theology website, so ideally whatever I create can be embedded and accessed there.


2 thoughts on “POLL: Pub Theology Conversation online

  1. Hey Bryan, please send me a copy of your two books and I’ll read and review them in Church Planter Magazine. I’m a fellow author (David C. Cook 2013) so I get it. Perhaps we can get you on the church planter podcast as well. I lived for 12 years in Wales, UK and did plenty of ministry out of pubs. It’d be good to talk.


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