UPCOMING: The Doubter’s Devotional

Sample cover
Sample cover

Official announcement here of my upcoming book, The Doubter’s Devotional: Daily Readings for Seekers and Skeptics.

I am on the front end of this project, but wanted to let you know that it’s in the works. I’d love to get your initial reactions:

  • What does the title evoke for you?
  • What would you like to see in a book like this?
  • Would you be interested in a title like this? Why?
  • Why might a book like this be needed? (Your quotes may make my proposal and/or the book itself!)
  • Can you think of people you’d recommend a book like this to?

I plan to incorporate some existing quotes/readings and then provide some of my own original reflections on them. Any writers or works you’d recommend or like to see?

Suggestions for content are welcome. Ideas for cover art are suggested – the above is just a mockup.  I have interest from several publishers, but nothing firmed up yet.

Your responses will help as I put together my initial proposal. Right now, I can imagine a Spring or early Summer 2015 release.

Help me spread the word–share on your social media networks–and STAY TUNED!


15 thoughts on “UPCOMING: The Doubter’s Devotional

  1. As a seeker, I am interested in this book. Some of the daily devotional books are still too much for me to grasp. Looking at it from the angle you propose would be interesting. Would it be a daily read or chapter read? I’d love to hear where you are in the publishing process. Thank you!


  2. My first visit here…I look forward to exploring it more.

    As I continue to evolve in my understanding of faith…it has been the doubts/skeptic which has propelled me to continue to seek and change. I have long “given up” much of what I held to be fast and allowed room for the Spirit to move and breathe.


  3. Bryan, love the concept of the new book. As others have mentioned, “devotional” in the title may turn some off. The “Doubter” part would grab my attention. I’d like to read more about how to have the doubter discussion with those who are so very sure they have the answers. Looking forward to the book!!


  4. This will be a great book for the young adults (or not so young) who are Christians but who no longer worship in church. I agree that the word “devotional” is a bit of a problem. You need a word that implies a daily reading. I already know of two people I will send it to, after reading it myself, of course.
    – Gloria


  5. The word “Devotional” makes it clear, I think, that you already know which answers you’re headed for. I suspect your claims of doubt are disingenuous, serving as a cover for your predetermined determination to get to God no matter how you pull it off.


  6. I have to admit that this is not the kind of thing I would pick up. I am an atheist that was raised in the crc and do like reading about religion as a human construct, but this sounds to much to me like something that was geared to shoring up the faith of those questioning rather than something I would read. Of course I am most likely not the target audience.


    1. Thanks for your comments, Tim. Did I convey that this would be about shoring up the faith of the questioning? That is not the approach I would take. Rather, it would be an affirmation of the questions, and an exploration of the basic tenets of being human, viewed through various philosophical and religious lenses. Perhaps I could articulate that more clearly. I’ve seen books that are for “skeptics” that end up trying to reaffirm or persuade them to an orthodox position, and they often come across as pedantic and/or condescending. I hope to avoid that.


  7. Hi Bryan –
    This sounds very exciting to me! My idea for what kinds of material would be good for this: I would love to see some thoughtful, skeptical views of Old Testament stories. There is so much available these days from scholars regarding the stories about Jesus that sheds light on symbolic meaning within those stories. But there are so many Old Testament stories that are hard to know what to do with for someone like me.
    – Geoff


  8. Have recently read Pub Theology and enjoyed it and learned from it. My first reaction to the title The Doubter’s Devotional is that it sounds much like an oxymoron. The doubters that I know would probably not be interested enough to look at it but on the other hand those that are questioning might. How about The Questioner’s Quest? What would the Not Sure people call it? I would love anything that will get my Hindu friends reading it. Blessings!


  9. This looks great! Can’t wait. Our church describes itself as a “community of faith and doubt” and this will most definitely be among our circulated readings. So get it done!


  10. The title arrested my attention, and I love the intended scope of the book. I would love for it address the misconceptions and differences between doubt and unbelief, as they’re obstacles to substantive dialogue about this important topic. I look forward to reading the final product.




  11. I love the title of this book, it’s the kind of thing I would stop, pick up and really WANT to read.

    I love the idea of there being a devotional for doubters skeptics (was listening to a talk the other day that said something along the lines of “skepticism is a good and healthy thing but cynicism is a spiritually dangerous thing…” I think it may have been Jim Wallis?)… It’s the kind of devotional that I would expect to be very honest, not one that gives all the “answers” and “nice words” in a pleasant wrapped up way but instead allow people to be real and honest where they’re at spiritually and to invite them to be devotional in that very real place. (I love that Jesus meets Thomas where he’s at, doubt and all. John 20:26).

    I’m always a fan of books/devotionals/etc that give space for my faith to be a real and honest one. Brian McLaren’s Naked Spirituality and any of Michael Leunig’s prayers, poetry and illustrations are my go to books/reflections for me, my friends, followers, skeptical followers, doubters and everyone else.

    Cor went on one there didn’t I!!

    I guess I mean, yes I’ll have one!


  12. Hi Bryan. Congratulations on your new book. Wisdom is always welcome. Another person’s thoughts, if honest, are also. The title as presented sounds great to my ear. It sounds tempting to me. I don’t know how many skeptics want a “devotional,” so that could turn some away. Anything that hints of originality in thought will grab those of us who enjoy studying humankind. I wish you well of course, and would like to see you move back to TrCty…love, nancy


    1. That’s a good thought, Nancy. I had wondered about that – as devotional sounds rather evangelical and isn’t the sort of thing a skeptic is looking to pick up. Yet somehow the title has stuck with me. It could change, but we’ll see. Thanks for dropping by!


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