Improbable Souls: A Poem

Today’s post is a poem written by Jack Ricchiuto, inspired by a recent conversation at Pub Theology DC.

A short poem. It came out of a question that emerged for me from last night, somehow: what if God was approached by people who want access to heaven and hell to bring love to those they loved in their lifetime here? Enjoy.



Improbable Souls
Angels dart glances on the rare occasion
   Where God sits in speechless reflection
On a new request, never uttered by the
   Billions before, the seemingly simple request
To have dual citizenship, bilateral passports
   Into heaven and hell, for the freedom
To visit friends across the chasms,
   As both are missed and loved, dearly
The impossible prayer sent to the Source:
   Why should eternal punishments and rewards
Deprive them of a friend’s love?
   After all, love asks nothing in return,
Love is kind, love graces without
   Requirement of worthiness,
This is the infinite love,
   Of which God’s brow in
Wrinkled ironies, acceded,
  Greeted with the gratitude of improbable souls
Who would delight in spending time
   With loved ones, faithful and fallen alike.

Jack Ricchiuto is best known across the US and globally for his experience as writer and engagement artisan. His work focuses on teaching people how to work together well and facilitate people working together well in education, organizations and communities. He lives in the Tremont community of urban Cleveland.

2 thoughts on “Improbable Souls: A Poem

  1. Hiya Brian – Pub Theology: am now one instigator of a fledgling PT evening (England, UK). I read the piece above and thought “eternal punishments and rewards” who says? Now there is a conversation piece.


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