Look To Tomorrow

I came across this poem shortly after our move to Washington, DC.  It was written by Pub Theology’s favorite poet, Chuck Trafelet, whose self-published collection of poetry was discovered in our previous home in Traverse City, MI.  Fitting for us at a number of levels, including (or especially) the title.  Picture me reading this in a house full of boxes on a cold November evening in an unfamiliar city where we’ve just uprooted the entire family, wondering what in the world we’ve done.

It was timely.

Neighborhood church, Washington, DC
Snow falls on a church in our neighborhood, Washington, DC


as evening once again steals across the land
and midwinter cold settles in the bones
here so far from home and friends
beginning a new life – ending the old
bones, why do you pain me so
you know as well as I and better
we cannot turn back now
look to tomorrow bones
look to tomorrow

quiet now, for we can do as well here
and better in time
leave me rest, do not press me so
yesterday is gone
and today fades in the night
look to tomorrow, bones
look to tomorrow


One thought on “Look To Tomorrow

  1. This is lovely, and resonates with me, too. Even though we’ve been in the DC area awhile, I can remember vividly those first several months away from the midwest (and everything I knew), and how overwhelmed I was.
    Hopefully you are looking to tomorrow but resting in today as well.


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