Relevant no matter your belief system, great read all around

With a Perseus Porter at Elysian's Capitol Hill Pub on Pike Street in Seattle
With a Perseus Porter at Elysian’s Capitol Hill Pub on Pike Street in Seattle

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Let me preface this review
with the fact that I am by no means a Christian, nor a non-believer. A skeptic at heart, I came into the book and the concept of Pub Theology warily. I had never heard of Pub Theology or even met Bryan, but the book found me by chance.

That being said, it was a delightful read. He’s wise beyond his years and brings us a message of love, understanding, and openness. Do not let the word ‘theology’ turn you off – it’s relevant life-enriching information no matter your belief system. Whether you come into this as a veteran on the subject or as a fresh mind, you’ll find value. Worst-case scenario it’s a fun read on an interesting subject and a wonderful refresher. Best-case, you’re going to start seeing things differently and come away with some very useful information.

I was invited to and attended a Pub Theology event while in midst of the book. If you have the opportunity to visit one, do not miss the chance.


2 thoughts on “Relevant no matter your belief system, great read all around

  1. I grew up in Hyde Park, the neighborhood that surrounds the University of Chicago and eventually received degrees from two different seminaries in the community. When I was younger, I went to a certain bar to meet guys. Once I was in seminary, I went there to enjoy the inspiring opportunity to explore pub theology. I went there with fellow students, but also with the theologians who were our professors.

    One of the classes I took was offered by the Divinity School at the University of Chicago. It was taught by Mircea Eliade, who was also a professor at the Sorbonne, and wrote novels as well as theological masterpieces. He developed the concept of history of religions — looking at religions without attempting to say whether anything about them was right or wrong. I learned so much about other religions, some that I didn’t even know existed! Our seminar class was held in the evening, and after every class we went to Jimmy’s, the neighborhood bar, to continue our conversation as pub theology, There was no judgement and no self-righteousness, just intellectual curiosity and a fondness for asking complex questions. And Eliade always bought the first round.

    I wish every seminarian had an opportunity like this, but it would be even more marvelous if we could make pub theology available to our congregation members. Then we would live in an inner-faith world with respect for all religions. I still live in Chicago, and wish there was someone I could invite to join me at the bar for a beer and engage in a little pub theology. But I graduated so long ago that my professors have retired and moved on — and the best of them, those who made a deep impression on my heart, as well as my mind — have sadly all died. May they rest in peace until we are back together, discussing the meaning and value of it all over a beer, practicing pub theology once again.


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