Harmony Brewing Co – this Thursday!

This Thursday, I am excited to facilitate a Pub Theology session at Harmony Brewing Company in Eastown, Grand Rapids.  Harmony Brewing is at 1551 Lake Drive SE in GR.  They’re a great new(er) brewery in Grand Rapids and I can’t wait to check out what they’ve got on tap.  Looks like they’ve got some really cool things going on.

We’ll get things started around 8pm.  Join us for some good conversation over a good pint!

UPDATE: We will also be back on October 4 and 11, and possibly a few more!

Check out some pics from Harmony below:

Some tasty brews.
Black Squirrel University: Drink Beer. Listen. Discuss. (I like it!)
I’ll have one of those.

Come on out and join us, this Thursday at 8pm!  Get your signed copy of Pub Theology, and check out this cool new brewery!


One thought on “Harmony Brewing Co – this Thursday!

  1. Never heard of pub theology before but I’m a convert. Sadly – living in England – I won’t be able to make it to many of your sessions.
    However, during autumn (fall) 2010, I was on a massive cycling trip that took me across the US. Before leaving home I’d been really worried that all the US had to offer was Bud, Coors and all that other nasty stuff.
    How relieved I was to discover my error! One of my happiest moments was celebrating my birthday in a brew pub in Wyoming and being presented with an impressive menu of beers.


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