Book signings

Wanting to get that signed copy of Pub Theology?

I’ll be at Schuler’s Books on 28th Street in Grand Rapids on Saturday, September 22, 9-11am. Later that day I’ll be at Horizon Books in Traverse City from 2-4pm.

There is also a rumored appearance at Founder’s the Friday before, where you can get a copy of the book, enjoy a good beer, and do some pub theologizing!

Want to have me come out your way?  Let your local pub or bookstore know, or send me a suggestion!


4 thoughts on “Book signings

  1. The Founders site may not be that available, it’s the first weekend of Art Prize so the downtown will be rather packed (and the venues, too). As an alternative, Harmony Brewing Company in Eastown has a nice reputation among the beer snobs at church. I’ve bookmarked the Schulers date.


    1. Right! I knew it was the same weekend but somehow hadn’t made the connection that Founders would be insane. Good call – appreciate the heads up, and the alternative. I’ll check Harmony and a couple of other options out!


  2. I wish I could join you at Founders. -Wolt

    *The Overflow Project* “Simplify. Give. Change.”



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