Pub Theology Book Endorsements

More endorsements on my upcoming book, Pub Theology, in addition to those on the back cover.

“Some of the best theological conversations happen over a beer at the pub. Bryan Berghoef captures something of the relaxed and relational dynamic that makes these discussions so pleasurable, while at the same time wrestling with serious theological questions. So pull up a chair, order your favorite drink, and settle in with this delightful and stimulating book. Invite a friend as well—the conversation’s just getting started.”

—John R. Franke, author of Manifold Witness: The Plurality of Truth

“This is a book about God’s freedom and ours! Bryan Berghoef invites us to pull up a chair and dares us to converse about what matters. No fear! This engrossing and transformative story about how to live an open Christian life will save, stir, and strengthen the faith of many.”

—Samir Selmanovic, author of It’s Really All About God: How Islam, Atheism, and Judaism Made Me a Better Christian

And from the back cover:

Pub Theology is a wonderful, whimsical, and wise story about what happens when a pastor with more questions than answers goes to the pub instead of church.”

—John Suk, author of Not Sure: A Pastor’s Journey from Faith to Doubt and former editor of The Banner

“Bryan Berghoef has given us the most complete presentation to date of what pub theology is, why it exists, and what it contributes to the lives and faiths of an increasing number of Christians. With his conversationally written and accessible reportage, he has also created something close to a manual for those who want to initiate a pub theology circle or simply find and join one.”

—Phyllis Tickle, author of The Great Emergence: How Christianity Is Changing and Why 

Just found out the price will be $18 paperback and $9.99 Kindle version.  Should be available for order in either version by the end of the week at latest (UPDATE: It’s up! Order today!).  (There will be a discount on the paperback if you order directly from the publisher).

Will have a flyer available to show around at the Wild Goose Festival this weekend as well.

Order one today for yourself, and maybe one for a friend!


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