The Missing Link

Pub Theology Recap

We had a great discussion last night at Pub Theology about evolution.

It was our first night at Brew downtown, and the Widowmaker Ale and Odd Sides Mayan Stout on tap didn’t hurt the discussion any.

The topic was evolution, with the following questions on the sheet:

1.    Does the creation account in Genesis speak to our material origins?  Does it have anything to do with science?
Can Christians embrace evolution?

2.    Does our view of human origins affect how we see our role in regard to one another and the planet?   What are our responsibilities as ‘arising from dust’ in an instant vs. ‘arising from sludge’ over millenia?

3.  What do you think the author(s) of Genesis 1-3 had in mind?  What about the earliest audience? Can something be true without having happened literally?
Does poetry imply metaphor or parable?

On the Big Screen

We had some great discussion on the above, and afterwards a few of us went down the street to the State Theatre to watch Leo Hagedorn’s documentary “Searching for the Missing Link Between Faith and Reason.”   

He filmed this over the last several years, and interviewed a number of scientists like Francis Collins and others from Brown University, the University of Michigan and Calvin College, among others.  He interviewed a number of theologians like Brian McLaren, Rob Bell, Ed Dobson and several Fuller Theological Seminary faculty among others.

He also included a few scenes from one of our own Pub Theology  discussions at Right Brain Brewery.  It was fun to see a few of us up on the big screen!

I highly recommend it to those wondering how a Christian should approach the issue of origins – it covers a lot of ground on the scientific issues of evolution: fossils, dating, intermediaries, and so on, while also covering some of the key textual and theological issues when approaching Genesis 1-3.

Catch the trailer here:
Searching for the Missing Link Between Faith and Reason

What are your thoughts on the above?  Is faith opposed to evolution?  Can the two co-exist?  How do you think we should approach the first chapters of Genesis?  Does it matter?


2 thoughts on “The Missing Link

  1. I think that it all goes back to “All truth is God’s truth.” I bet Copernicus and his buddies had similar talks over their beer and burgers, regarding the heliocentricity of the solar system and whether or not it could be reconciled with the Bible.


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