Highlights from Funding the Missional Church

Attending a conference in Minneapolis entitled, “Funding the Missional Church”.  It’s been inspiring, challenging and very fun.  Great to meet so many people who are seeking to create unique, engaging communities of Christ followers.

Here’s a few highlights:

shawnabowman authority is not the issue, but how you use it. Keel#funding2012 -10:25 AM May 3rd, 2012

shawnabowman what if [meeting consumer needs] is not why we gather? Keel #funding2012 -10:21 AM May 3rd, 2012

rawlingswright “It’s not so much what we are doing, it’s how are we resourcing people to think differently about their lives” – Tim Keel#funding2012 -10:20 AM May 3rd, 2012

rawlingswright “the people who give the most are the least demanding” (generally). a lot of nodding in the room. interesting#funding2012 -10:13 AM May 3rd, 2012

nanettesawyer “the progressive surrender of everything we know of ourselves to everything we know of God.” Tim Keel #funding2012 -10:08 AM May 3rd, 2012

brie_marie Sad. “excommunication” because of loving people.#funding2012 -9:31 AM May 3rd, 2012

rawlingswright hearing about someone possibly losing her ordination for being loving and welcoming of all God’s children is heartbreaking. #funding2012 -9:27 AM May 3rd, 2012

seattlerev What are innovative stories of sustainable missional communities that we can share w/ each other? #funding2012 -7:22 PM May 2nd, 2012

ireverant @seattlerev I served a missional church that survived b/c of its thrift shop min. Now I’m working on a coffee house-funded min #funding2012 -1:03 AM May 3rd, 2012

trans4m “If u don’t have a history of getting people to do crazy stuff, then u probably shouldn’t b starting a church”@SarcasticLuther #funding2012 -4:57 PM May 2nd, 2012

carlgregg #Skunkworks: high degree of autonomy and unhampered by bureaucracy. #funding2012 -4:53 PM May 2nd, 2012

carlgregg #Skunkworks: small, loosely structured group who develop a project for sake of radical innovation. #funding2012 -4:53 PM May 2nd, 2012

shawnabowman Heads up #chipres this is what we need for church plants: skunkworks money: http://t.co/RCgUSfVl #funding2012 -4:53 PM May 2nd, 2012

nanettesawyer “skunkworks” money. Need to look that up.#funding2012 -4:52 PM May 2nd, 2012

bryberg @SarcasticLuther – Nadia Bolz-Weber: “I don’t care shit about what you’re imagining – I care about what you’re actually doing.” #Funding2012 -4:51 PM May 2nd, 2012

brie_marie @ChrisAgne some of us just ignore the rules…#funding2012 -4:46 PM May 2nd, 2012

ChrisAgne To be missional in a denomination, you have to renegotiate the rules. #funding2012 -4:44 PM May 2nd, 2012

FBCPaloAlto RT @nanettesawyer: “willing to go thru death and resurrection a lot” at House for All Sinners and Saints.#funding2012 -4:44 PM May 2nd, 2012

knightopia @scottrsimmons The big shift is God’s mission is bigger than the Church. The Church is j/privileged to participate.#missional #funding2012 -4:38 PM May 2nd, 2012

brie_marie Electronic bill pay only works if your audience has computers and the internet. Must know your audience.#funding2012 -3:06 PM May 2nd, 2012

carlgregg @P3T3RK3Y5 I got idea from St. Gregory of Nyssa in SF: “Dialogue completes the sermon.” #SermonTalkback #funding2012-3:06 PM May 2nd, 2012

carlgregg @P3T3RK3Y5 Every Sunday, we have ~15 minute sermon, 2 minutes silence, then 15 minute open dialogue. #funding2012 -3:02 PM May 2nd, 2012

jonestony RT @carlgregg: Don’t believe people who tell you they don’t need to be thankful. Seriously: THANK THEM. #funding2012 -2:50 PM May 2nd, 2012

That’s just a taste!  Great stuff.  We are wrapping up today and then on to the Church Planters Academy at Solomon’s Porch.


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