CPA Highlights

Overheard at the Church Planting Academy at Solomon’s Porch:

Just a taste of the first afternoon session.   Presenters Nadia Bolz-Weber (House for All Sinners and Saints, Denver), Nanette Sawyer (Grace Commons, Chicago), and Maggie Mraz (Bull City Vineyard Church, Durham).


bryberg Bolz-Weber: being a good theologian matters.#CPA2012 -4:12 PM May 3rd, 2012

RevAndrewWong “I feel like my denomination made sure I had a top notch theological education and then trusted me with it.”@sarcasticluther #cpa2012 -4:12 PM May 3rd, 2012

carlgregg “We’re anti-excellent, pro-participation. We do a lot of crappy stuff, but we do it together.” ~@SarcasticLutheran#CPA2012 -3:36 PM May 3rd, 2012

phannon RT @jonestony: Don’t listen to @pastormark or@johnpiper. Women CAN and SHOULD plant churches. #cpa2012 -3:38 PM May 3rd, 2012

bryberg Nadia Bolz-Weber: i started a church b/c i wanted a church that i wanted to go to. #CPA2012 -3:45 PM May 3rd, 2012

happyemm I love when presenters are open about what they would have done differently. Thank you, @Sarcasticluther 🙂 #cpa2012 -3:44 PM May 3rd, 2012

RevAndrewWong Negotiating the difference between being people’s friend and being people’s pastor was really difficult. #cpa2012 -3:44 PM May 3rd, 2012

drostad77 Starting a church is kinda like throwing your own birthday each week and hoping people show up. #cpa2012 -3:44 PM May 3rd, 2012

markclosson #cpa2012 @Sarcasticluther is doing amazing work as a church planter! #Exponential get the news! Women can plant churches too! -3:43 PM May 3rd, 2012

mtoy_live “i was wrong about who would find life in this place. i thought it would be people like me” -nbw #cpa2012 -3:43 PM May 3rd, 2012

RevAndrewWong “I really undersold it…you don’t have to commit or do any work. And then that screwed me because they took me up on it.” #cpa2012 -3:41 PM May 3rd, 2012

dukedeacon #cpa2012 @Sarcasticluther is speaking the truth -3:41 PM May 3rd, 2012

mtoy_live “you don’t have to do any work, just show up … it screwed me, because people took me up on it” -nbw #cpa2012 -3:41 PM May 3rd, 2012

phannon Every church planting conference (& preaching conf) should be required to have female speakers. Too many won’t even allow them. #cpa2012 -3:41 PM May 3rd, 2012

shawnabowman @gracecommons imbedded in the neighborhood.#cpa2012 -3:12 PM May 3rd, 2012

Skypilot917 Peripatetic ministry led to name change to Grace Commons, not a neighborhood name. More freedom and flexibility#cpa2012 -3:11 PM May 3rd, 2012

brc_live “Irrepressible optimism that lives could be changed” –@nanettesawyer #trudat #cpa2012 -3:11 PM May 3rd, 2012

dukedeacon RT @Sodacracker77: “I come from a mostly mythological group of people people called progressive baptists” – John #CPA2012 -3:10 PM May 3rd, 2012

jonestony #CPA2012 is the only church planting conference I’ve ever been to that kicks off with three women church planters.#happy -3:04 PM May 3rd, 2012

hopemissional “You treat a person differently when you know their name.” –@MaggieMraz #missional #cpa2012 (via @the_b_c) -3:05 PM May 3rd, 2012

dukedeacon #cpa2012 “the most that we’ve done is show up” -3:05 PM May 3rd, 2012

dukedeacon #cpa2012 – get a card printed up with your name phone and email and then go out and be the pastor of a church that doesn’t exist yet -3:04 PM May 3rd, 2012

dukedeacon Speaker at #cpa2012 : one of our primary rules: if you’re going to be part of this church start, you have to be forgiving -3:04 PM May 3rd, 2012

Are you at the conference?  Love to hear your thoughts, questions, stuff you like or don’t.


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