Church Planters Academy Highlights 2

Tonight’s portion was on failure in church planting — Rich McCullen (Missiongathering), Mike Stavlund (Common Table), and Mark Scandrette (ReImagine).

“We should write the eulogies for our churches every single day.”

“How do you make attractive that which is not? How do you sell emptiness, vulnerability, and nonsuccess? How do you talk descent when everything is about ascent? How can you possibly market letting-go in a capitalist culture? How do you present Jesus to a Promethean mind? How do you talk about dying to a church trying to appear perfect? This is not going to work  (admitting this might be my first step).”

~ Richard Rohr, “The Inherent Unmarketability of Authentic Christianity”

Here’s a taste:

exchangeWinc RT @Skypilot917: Be a student of the place you are serving. #cpa2012 -9:45 PM May 3rd, 2012

viqui_dill RT @relyalma RT @happyemm: Instead of building, think of gardening. What can grow here? What’s already flowering even w/o tending? #cpa2012 -9:42 PM May 3rd, 2012

rockinrev RT @RevAndrewWong: “Only those who have been wounded by power learn to wield it responsibly.” #cpa2012 -9:18 PM May 3rd, 2012

mmartella RT @trans4m: “I think there’s a way for us to do great and beautiful things as human beings, not as production units.” –@MToy #cpa2012 -8:58 PM May 3rd, 2012

Skypilot917 Be a student of the place you are serving. #cpa2012 -8:56 PM May 3rd, 2012

ireverant RT @kansasprarierev: Unless a grain falls to the ground and dies, it bears no fruit… #cpa2012 -8:56 PM May 3rd, 2012

happyemm Continuing the gardening metaphor: let the field lie fallow, and see what still grows. #cpa2012 -8:52 PM May 3rd, 2012

dukedeacon #cpa2012 church starting should be a rolling release of beta versions #geekspeakcontinues -8:52 PM May 3rd, 2012

nanettesawyer We thought in terms of two month chunks of experimentation. @markscandrette #cpa2012 -8:50 PM May 3rd, 2012

The_B_C Key question for church planting: what grows here?#cpa2012 -8:49 PM May 3rd, 2012

carlgregg Instead of “building” w/ hammer and nails, maybe gardening metaphor better: “What grows here?” #ParableOfSower#CPA2012 -8:49 PM May 3rd, 2012

scottrsimmons RT @abbykk: how is failure reframed by experience of resurrection? #cpa2012 -8:47 PM May 3rd, 2012

dukedeacon The only thing untweetable at #cpa2012: how much $$$ was spent on mailers -8:45 PM May 3rd, 2012

MHMorgan Instead of building something big…we instead find what will grow here. #CPA2012 -8:49 PM May 3rd, 2012

annawoof Thanks to @markscandrette for his honesty and words on identity. #cpa2012 -8:47 PM May 3rd, 2012

revsusan RT @nanettesawyer: “God was probably more interested in what I was becoming rather than what I was doing.” MarkScandrette #cpa2012 -8:43 PM May 3rd, 2012

megsande If you’re not doing what God has called you to do…you’re going to fail. #cpa2012 -8:21 PM May 3rd, 2012

brc_live “So many people need to know that they are loved by God . . . and that’s why we do what we do.” – Rich McCullen #cpa2012 -8:21 PM May 3rd, 2012

ireverant it just got real #cpa2012 -8:21 PM May 3rd, 2012

The_B_C RT @RevAndrewWong: Don’t try to build your church on cool, hip people. They suck.” #cpa2012 -8:21 PM May 3rd, 2012

megsande People need to know that they are loved by God.#cpa2012 -8:20 PM May 3rd, 2012

nanettesawyer RT @seattlerev: “Maybe we should base the success of our churches, not on longevity, but on impact.” —@MikeStavlund #cpa2012 -8:07 PM May 3rd, 2012

scottrsimmons #cpa2012 What would it look like if we spoke of the church not in terms of success/failure but faithfulness/unfaithfulness… -8:07 PM May 3rd, 2012

RevAndrewWong Starting a church with a chip on your shoulder…not a good idea. #cpa2012 -8:06 PM May 3rd, 2012

shawnabowman RT @MHMorgan: If something is not working let it die. #CPA2012 -8:05 PM May 3rd, 2012

abbykk Write the eulogy of our churches’ everyday. –@MikeStavlund All churches. Not just church plants. #CPA2012 -7:57 PM May 3rd, 2012

There was so much more!  That’s just a taste.  Terrific, raw, honest stuff from those three fellas.

And this was day one of the conference!

For more go to:


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