Pub Theology Recap May 19

Yup. One of those nights.

An interesting night last week.  If I remember right, I can’t remember what we discussed.  So no recap, just the sheets:


1.    ‘The meal table is the birthplace of culture.’
How are we shaped by our eating practices?

2.    “What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us.”
What do you think?

3.    “There are no facts.  Only interpretations.”
Discuss objectivity vs subjectivity.

4.    “Inerrantist dogma is as much a human construction as the biblical criticism that inerrantists deride.”

5.    Why does beer go through your system so fast?

6.     Is there any divinely-infused meaning to human existence, or is it all just senseless?


Local thoughts on the rapture (these are actual quotes):

“Hold on to what is going to be raptured out of here and forget the rest.”

“Forget your stupid careers and businesses.”

“Forget about how much gas is gonna cost.  That isn’t the kind of thing we need to worry about.”

“We just need to get by until we can get out.”

“I’m not saying you should stockpile, but I think every Christian should have at least two or three weeks worth of food in their homes.”

“Take all your money out of the bank and go on a vacation.”

“There is no rapture.” (OK, this last one was me).

Old Jewish story:

A traveler arrived in a village in the middle of winter to  find an old man shivering in the cold outside the synagogue. “What are you doing here?” asked the  traveler.

“I’m waiting for the coming of the messiah,”

“That must be an important job,” said the traveler. “The community must pay you a lot of money.”

“No, not at all. They just let me sit here on this bench.
Once in a while someone gives me a little food.”

“That must be hard. But even if they don’t pay you, they
must honor you for doing this important work.”

“No, not at all, they think I’m crazy.”

“I don’t understand. They don’t pay you, they don’t
respect you. You sit in the cold, shivering and hungry
What kind of job is this?”

“Well, it’s steady work.”


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