Pub Theology Recap March 31

It was a nice evening this past Thursday.  A couple of birthday beverages were definitely enjoyed:  Pinetop was in the cask, and the Black (Eye)PA was back, and it was *black*.   A small crowd made for good conversation.

The topics were all taken from various tweets that came across my twitterfeed:

Topics for tonight via Twitter:

1.    #God is all about people, not theology.

2.    You don’t have to believe in heaven to find life after death

3.    I really enjoy that my OT Teacher is talking about how sometimes we use too much history interpreting our text. i respect that.

4.    If misunderstood / used incorrectly, theology can be the handmaiden of Satan… #discernment

5.    What we see depends mainly on what we look for.

6.    I believe that there is no more important doctrine for the church today than this: _______.  If we understand this doctrine correctly, we will avoid many traps


7.  Alienation is at the root of Marxism and theology. The difference is defining the object and subject of the alienation. #marxism #class #god

Given that it’s been a few days, not much on the recap this week… though I do recall the answer for no.6 – any guesses anyone has on what to fill in the blank?  Or what you would put there?

Here’s a poem (untitled) from the backside:

On a hill above the days of winter
There stands a child as lonely as the snow
He is a question looking for an answer
If you don’t have it kindly let him go

He is the offspring of an ice-storm fire
Brother to the forest and the sea
He’s walked the paths of hell; the hills of heaven
Looking for the why of what must be

Give him what you freely have to offer
Or simply walk beside him for awhile
Don’t ask of him that which he cannot answer
Or judge him harshly when he does not smile

For he may follow visions you’re not seeing
A message that your ears may never know
He is a question looking for an answer
If you don’t have it kindly let him go


Love to have any thoughts you have on the above – as always feel free to post them here!


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