C’mon already

ouch! all too true

All this brouhaha over books and theology and who believes what and how they believe it is starting to rub thin…  I mean, who cares if Rob Bell doesn’t believe in hell, or believes in a different version of hell, or if this church has 9 official points of doctrine, but the other one has 49, and so on…

As my friend Chad noted on my previous post:

  • Oh how I wonder if all of the posting I see about Rob Bell’s books are just opportunities for people on all sides of the issues to virtually pleasure themselves with blog posts and facebook updates.  And, here I myself am indulging in the opportunity. Damn it! They will know we are Christians by our: a) certitude! b) love!, c) prolific internet postings!, d) choice of beverage!

OK, OK.  I’m guilty as charged.

But enough theological wrangling already (and many of you know I live for such wrangling, in appropriate ways and settings).

Isn’t it time we all start doing something?

I have to admit, I’m looking forward to reading Bell’s book, and from what I can tell, he has some very good and important things to say in it, and some friends say, “It’s his best book yet.”   I think Bell would want us to read his book, and be so moved by the love of God to tell someone else about it, and make a difference in a real way.  But as David Fitch notes in his post, The Rob Bell Fiasco,  if we keep going as is (in our endless attempts to criticize his or anyone else’s theology), “the aftermath… is going to devolve into defensiveness and fail to produce a missional movement.”

It’s time to remember what we’re all in this Christianity thing for:  to follow Jesus. To extend the kingdom of God.  To be those who help the poor, the broken, the displaced.  To bring good news.

Thankfully, amid the frenzy,  many are doing exactly that:

  • My sister and mom are heading to Haiti tomorrow – check out the trip on their blog: Hearts 4 Mission.
  • Others are responding in many ways to the disaster in Japan: CRWRC and The Red Cross.
  • My friends Bradley and Kirsten are forming an organization that seeks to springboard people who’ve experienced a short-term trip to move  into missional lifestyles.
  • Others are making a difference in ways, large and small, in their local community and abroad, to bring healing, help, and the hope of Jesus.

As fun as some conversations are, may they not just be to see ‘who’s right’, but to push us forward into a deeper love for Jesus, and to embody the kingdom in ways that actually make a difference.


4 thoughts on “C’mon already

  1. …and as I re-read in my own trigger-happy state of “read-respond-click”… I don’t feel like I quite make my point with my examples… There is holiness in God working through our brokeness as well – not just our ‘good’ life choices…. holiness in restoration of relationships, holiness in facing down our demons, holiness in admitting our failures and weaknesses. It’s about the holiness at work in and through us. God at work. Love at work.


  2. Hey! I was going to use that comic in a blog post you butt crack! 😉 (See – the name calling will never stop. And wait until you see your birthday present.)

    Bottom line. I agree. Saw a video today of an interview with Bell. Title? Something like, “See Bell squirm.” I watched it. They must have seriously watched something other than what I watched. I thought he did an excellent job.

    But we want him to squirm. We want to burn him at the stake. And which is more heretical? Bell’s point of view or Bell on a spit.

    My thought has always been… we forget that we ARE living for God. One way or another, we ARE right-this-very-moment living for God. I really think it’s great that there are people starting missions. But it makes me nervous when those things get listed and the mom who works two jobs doesn’t. Or the husband who remains faithful, the wife who sacrifices for her family, the single person who makes a beautiful piece of art. (and not meaning to stereotype… just filling in gaps). Those are all sacred things. What if we just start becoming aware of that? What if we believe God is Love and actually begin to act like it?


  3. For Lent I’ve been attempting to fast from all the hate-mongering disguised as fidelity of doctrine. My most recent failure was following a blog that asked the question, “What makes one a Christian?” Of course this was in response to the Rob Bell hype. It was painful to witness as one person after the next listed their doctrinal litmus test and the verdicts given. Did Jesus really come to start a new religion? Or did he come to show us a way of life and demonstrate the character of God? No, this does NOT diminish the substitutionary aspect of atonement. It adds to it. Back to my Lent exercise…..


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