To See and Not to Inquire

Came across this post today at darkhorse…  some raw potency at work here…

Mirari non rimari sapientia verum est
To see and not to inquire is true wisdom

Fleet Street sewer 1845I see the innocence of a suburban lawn mower, and the progress from pushing to riding, and I see the oil gushing from a hole in a pipe in the Gulf of Mexico, and I see that oil in the stay-cold Big Gulp the suburbanite is drinking as he mows and I see him drinking the oil, or is it Coke or is it corn syrup or is it oil does it matter, and I see a film in which the middle and upper classes eat and drink oil and shit beautiful gourmet meals into immaculate toilets and the rest of the world living in the sewers fighting over the bones and after the rest of the world eats the crumbs under the tables the rest of the worlds’ bones are compacted and crushed and become the next layer of oil or the fertilizer under a suburban lawnscape and by drives the happy sixteen year old on the cell phone so driven so successful so happy this is what everyone would do if they could isn’t it isn’t this what everyone wants why shouldn’t I enjoy it I do my service projects I go to church I am a good person I am nice and there she goes with her cell phone and her hideous grin is the innocence of every corporation licking its chops and innocence always drives consumption cause hey ya gotta eat and this country was never meant to lead we were only meant to develop the systems of satisfaction of efficiency we are proud of our breakfast cereals we are proud of our hard smooth roads we are proud of the effort we make for no return we make effort so the more effort we make the more pointless can be the reprieve, the more intense and stupid and stupefying the violence and I must go mad I would grow my own vegetables but I am too busy with fulfilling an academic resume for an academic status quo that now disappears into the trash can of neoliberal society and everyone buys the social sciences and everything is monetized sorry grandpa we can’t monetize your wisdom you are for the incinerator sorry New Orleans you already enjoyed yourself you accepted poverty that is your cardinal sin you are now punished for your hedonism and decadence we let you die a profound thesis is that there are no natural disasters anymore every disaster is a referendum on our values they only happen to those we don’t care about we don’t care about New Orleans we want it die we want the gulf to go away we only want the engine of work the technocratic machine and I see the confusion of the obese in my neighborhood they are thinking so hard, thinking about oil and guns and transactions, because these are swimming around in their cells, in their cancer, the cancer they are ingesting to become the research specimens of the petrochemical industry that makes the chips that makes the soda that makes the cure for cancer you are what you eat you eat what you are and there is no reprieve the system is itself a cancer that can only follow its own logic profit profit profit but why do you work for that which is not bread you cannot eat profit and profit does not make bread it only makes more profit the apocalypse is long, and excruciating, and slow torture, nothing happens in the blinking of an eye, every day is torture, and they don’t know it on 19th street but the decorated houses celebrating the prom king and queen will one day be against the law because poverty and happiness are oil and water they can’t mix but oh they can and the secret is we need nothing, we are sources not consumers we are creators not consumers we are suns and stars we explode at every moment with life.


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